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Volunteer Portal

With VolunteerHub, volunteers can manage their own electronic user profiles. Users can track hours, set user preferences, update contact info, and more – using the cloud-based volunteer portal.

Self-Updating Volunteer Profile

Most organizations struggle to maintain an up-to-date contact list, due to the significant administrative work involved. It seems that as soon as the list is updated, it quickly becomes obsolete again. As a result, nonprofits are turning to cloud-based solutions that enable users to create their own profile. The VolunteerHub system empowers nonprofits by allowing users to update their own personal information within the volunteer portal.

VolunteerHub acts as an online volunteer organizer, reducing the amount of administrative work traditionally required to maintain a contact list. Volunteers can update their own contact information at any time, or an administrator can update it on the volunteer’s behalf. Volunteers are also prompted to update contact information every 30 days or whenever it becomes incomplete (such as when a required form field has been added by an administrator). Online volunteer coordination takes the headache out of the process, freeing up your staff to focus on more important responsibilities.

Tell Me More about the Volunteer Profile

Many nonprofits use our software as a way to centralize communication with their contact database. By doing this within the VolunteerHub platform, “email overload” can be prevented. Furthermore, by using group settings within the software, coordinators can place new volunteers into appropriate groups based on information the volunteer provided. So whether you are using VolunteerHub as an animal shelter software or to manage community service volunteers, rest easy that all important information is readily accessible and up-to-date. This ensures that your volunteers receive the proper notifications and updates based on their preferences.

Volunteers Keep Their Own Information Updated

  • Volunteers receive monthly prompts to review and update their information
  • Volunteers are able to update contact info at any time

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The VolunteerHub platform represents a significant savings for your nonprofit. VolunteerHub acts as a volunteer tracker and contact database, all-in-one. By moving your volunteer registration online, your nonprofit can reduce administrative expenses and improve productivity. Ready to get started? Try VolunteerHub risk free for 30 days. Fill out our online form or call us at (877) 482-3340.

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