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Looking to streamline volunteer recruitment? VolunteerHub provides a centralized database of volunteers, which helps simpify your recruiting efforts.

Streamlined Volunteer Recruiting

How does your nonprofit recruit volunteers in a hurry? Handwritten lists of past participants can be misplaced and are often unreliable for providing accurate information. Maintaining an electronic database of contacts significantly assists with volunteer recruitment, especially if the contacts have the ability to keep their own information up-to-date. VolunteerHub provides your nonprofit with a centralized, current database of your previous volunteers.

VolunteerHub is an information gold mine for volunteer coordinators. Many nonprofits use the database as a starting point for recruiting volunteers. Since your contact list consists of former and current volunteers, you have a greater likelihood of achieving desired participation levels. VolunteerHub also provides many methods for communicating with contacts, including email and text messaging. You can also customize your message to a certain group, organization, or individual. Cultural volunteering organizations and public service volunteering groups of all types use these tools on a daily basis. VolunteerHub is the volunteer coordination software trusted by nonprofits.

Need Help Finding Good Workers?

Starting a search for volunteers within your network of contacts is an excellent approach. VolunteerHub helps facilitate this strategy by centralizing important information into a convenient electronic database. Browse and sort prospective volunteers without ever leaving your desk. VolunteerHub does way more than just scheduling volunteers online – it also acts as a great volunteer recruiting platform!

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