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Secure Volunteer Administration

How secure is your volunteer information? VolunteerHub keeps your information secure through 24/7 data monitoring and redundancy.

Flexible User Security Settings

VolunteerHub enables your nonprofit to provide customized user permission levels.

  • Configure security permissions, dividing workload between administrators and third party users.
  • Set permissions on both individual and group user levels.
  • Feel free to consult with us to determine optimal security settings.

Organizational & Volunteer Security

We take your nonprofit’s data security very seriously. We use the following precautions to ensure information is always kept safe.

  • Our data center is actively monitored by Axis network surveillance cameras.
  • All incoming and outgoing entrances at the data center require key card access.
  • Located securely on the second floor, the servers avoid potential impacts of windows or ventilation.
  • VolunteerHub servers utilize the most technologically advanced firewall commercially available.

Data Protection – Dual Stage Security

Trust Carr Engineering, Inc’s dual stage security measures, ensuring your information is always properly backed up. The first stage of data protection involves creating a real time mirror of your information. In the unlikely occurrence of a hard drive crash, additional hard drives step in and provide service until the problem is corrected. Under such a scenario, you and your volunteers will not even notice the issue. The second measure is to copy all information to a secure, off-site location each day. In the unlikely occurrence of a total catastrophic event at the primary data center, your information will be available at the off-site location.


Our servers are hosted by a dedicated, dual location facility. Highly qualified technicians monitor our servers 24 hours a day.

  • Servers monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • In case of power interruption, an industrial Holt diesel generator (850 kW) keeps network infrastructure and servers running smoothly.
  • To maintain a stable environment, we employ two 25-ton APC climate control units (providing consistent temperature and humidity control).
  • We utilize redundant, simultaneous Internet connectivity as provided by: Ameritech, Cogent Communications, ICG, Time Warner Cable, Time Warner Telecom, Qwest Communications, and XO Communications.


Carr Engineering, Inc. is dedicated to maintaining and protecting your privacy. Read our entire Privacy Policy or Terms of Use Policy

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