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The Easiest $250 Your Nonprofit Ever Made

At VolunteerHub, our greatest compliment is when satisfied customers refer us to their colleagues. For two decades, VolunteerHub has been the choice of nonprofits for managing volunteers online. With the VolunteerHub refer-a-friend program, we pay you cash for referring us to other organizations. Earn $250 ($50 per referral) by recommending us to five other nonprofits. When your referrals purchase VolunteerHub, we pay you cash. It’s that simple – tell a friend today!

So How Do I Get Started?

Referring your colleagues to VolunteerHub has never been easier. Simply follow the steps below to register your referrals and become eligible for the refer-a-friend program.

  • Update the form with info for 5 nonprofits in your network. Please make sure you enter valid email addresses.
  • Press the submit button.
  • We’ll follow up with your referrals and determine which are good fits for our services.
  • When one of your referrals becomes a paying customer of VolunteerHub, we’ll pay you $50.

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