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As a Blackbaud Technology Partner, BB.TechPartner smallVolunteerHub now integrates with the installed and hosted versions of The Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, Luminate CRM, Altru, and eTapestry. This allows you to connect your volunteer and donor management systems.

Ready to convert more volunteers to donors? Here’s how your organization will benefit from this integration:

  • Better Information – Get the “full picture” by simply logging into your CRM and connecting the dots between donor and volunteer contributions.

  • Automation – Stop manually merging lists. Our integration does this automatically for you.

  • Improved Efficiency – “Download, upload, import, export” will soon to be gone from your vocabulary.

  • New Synergies – Explore new ways to get your fundraising and volunteer groups working closer together.

Ready to learn more? Fill out the form and see exactly how much value you can expect to achieve from VolunteerHub’s integration with Blackbaud’s products.