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School Volunteer Programs

Want to attract more parent volunteers to your school? With VolunteerHub, parents and school volunteers can sign up for activities that fit their schedule. Simply publish your events to the interactive calendar and watch as people sign up.

Encouraging Parent Involvement at Schools

Over the past few years, a stronger emphasis had been placed on parental involvement in schools. One way educational institutions are increasing such involvement is by providing programs that facilitate parent volunteerism. With this added measure to increase parent participation, there is an urgent need for software that can register, organize, and manage volunteers.

VolunteerHub provides a simple, user-friendly platform for your institution to schedule and track school volunteers. Since VolunteerHub is a completely web-based system, all volunteer and event information is consolidated in one centralized online location. Because there is no software to download or install, VolunteerHub is accessible from any computer with an internet connection, any time of day, 365 days a year.

How Does VolunteerHub Help with Managing Parent Involvement?

Our system makes it quick and easy for volunteers to participate in your events. Simply publish to the interactive calendar and watch as people sign up – it’s that simple. Volunteers can browse your calendar and register for events from the comfort of home. VolunteerHub also provides the ability for workers to track their own hours and update their contact information.

What Types of School Volunteer Programs Can VolunteerHub Manage?

VolunteerHub is designed specifically to serve all types of nonprofits. Whether you are looking for a way to manage high school volunteer programs or after school programs, we have a solution that will fit your needs. Manage the following using our system:

  • Student Volunteer Programs
  • Volunteer After School Programs
  • Volunteers in the Classroom
  • Girl Scout Volunteers
  • Boy Scout Volunteers
  • Campus Crusade for Christ Projects
  • Boys & Girls Club Volunteers
  • Other School Volunteer Activities

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By integrating a program like VolunteerHub, your institution will streamline the volunteer management process and drastically reduce administrative efforts required by your staff. With our system, your organization can schedule, track, and manage volunteers in a web-based system. To learn more about the features VolunteerHub has to offer, check out our Tour pages or call our customer support team for more information (877) 482-3340

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