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Track members and volunteers in the same intuitive system. VolunteerHub was built to help you engage more supporters.

Volunteer Management for Membership Organizations

If you work for or run a membership organization, you realize that there are a lot of moving parts. With a wide ranging calendar of events for both the community and your members, it is more important than ever to keep things highly organized. The market has recently been flooded with membership management software platforms.  Many of these platforms are similar in function, but fail to address a key component for any nonprofit: volunteer management.

VolunteerHub is unique in its field, as it provides a centralized way to manage and track member information. By centralizing our platform into a cloud-based solution, nonprofits can improve operational efficiency and bottom line performance. For many organizations, return on investment on such a system can easily be reached within the first year of implementation.

A Nonprofit Membership Software For Managing Volunteers?

With VolunteerHub, your organization has the flexibility to set up user groups and other custom fields. In doing so, you can track the metrics that are most important to you. Members can browse and register for events from the comfort of their homes. In addition, you can streamline membership management efforts by organizing all stakeholder information in a web-based information repository.

How Is VolunteerHub Helping Nonprofit Membership Organizations?

Nonprofits appreciate the flexibility and security of the VolunteerHub platform. Our system has been designed specifically to serve the needs of nonprofit organizations of all types. Below are just a few examples for how VolunteerHub can be used by membership organizations.

  • YMCA Volunteer & Member Tracking
  • Club Memberships
  • Rotary Volunteer & Member Tracking
  • Other Membership Organizations

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