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Sports League Registration System

Tired of playing “phone tag” with with volunteers? With VolunteerHub you can send emails or text messages to alert volunteers of new activities. Track attendance, preferences, hours, and more.

League Scheduling Software – Volunteers

Teams and leagues rely on more volunteers than perhaps any other nonprofit segment. With countless coaches, team managers, team moms, and sponsors, a single league may have hundreds or thousands of people to register, schedule, and organize.

VolunteerHub helps your team or league automate the registration, scheduling, and tracking of important programs. Unlike most league management software, VolunteerHub allows you to track volunteer attendance and preferences. Since the system is completely user-based, your participants have the ability to log in, update information, and change preferences. The VolunteerHub system automatically reminds users periodically to update their information. This ensures your rosters are always current and reliable.

Why League Scheduling Software for Volunteers?

With many variables that effect your games, performances, and events, having a centralized database of contact information is crucial. The days of playing phone tag to gather helpers are over. Rather, with VolunteerHub, you can instantly invite existing contacts to new volunteer opportunities from your desktop computer. With the click of your mouse, you can send emails or text messages to alert people to new activities. In addition, VolunteerHub can help schedule more “predictable” events such as sporting events, dance recitals, and more.

Who Can Be Managed By Using VolunteerHub?

VolunteerHub currently supports a wide range of team and league causes. Because our team scheduling software was designed specifically for the needs of nonprofit organizations, we feel the following causes are a perfect fit for the VolunteerHub system.

  • Team Volunteers
  • Special Olympics Volunteers
  • Little League Volunteers
  • Soccer Volunteers
  • Other League Volunteers

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Sports League Registration & More

By integrating VolunteerHub’s league schedule software, your team or league can begin to reap the benefits of paperless volunteer management. Manage coaches, sponsors, league meetings, and more from a centralized cloud-based system. To learn more about VolunteerHub’s features, please check out our “Tours” pages or call us at (877) 482-3340.

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