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Festival Volunteer Software

What’s the secret to a successful festival? Having a large pool of volunteers is a good place to start. VolunteerHub provides you with real-time information about your festival’s volunteers.

Manage Festival Volunteers Electronically

From setup crews to booth workers, entertainment coordinators to box office cashiers — and everything in between — festivals depend heavily on volunteers. With hundreds or even thousands of volunteers taking part in a single festival, having a reliable volunteer management software in place to schedule, track, and organize workers has never been more crucial.

VolunteerHub serves as your organization’s assistant volunteer coordinator. Simply publish festival volunteer opportunities online and watch as people sign up. Prospective participants can search and register for events, track hours, and update their personal profile information — all from their own home computer.

By implementing VolunteerHub, your organization can streamline the formerly time-consuming process of volunteer management and significantly reduce the administrative work associated with scheduling festival volunteers.

Why Use Festival Volunteer Software?

With all the planning and coordination that goes into a successful festival, the last thing you want to worry about is having enough volunteers on hand. VolunteerHub’s cloud software enables your organization to know exactly who is signed up to work, print rosters and sign-in sheets, manage tasks and shifts during the event, and even categorize workers into specialized groups based on talent or job preference. With VolunteerHub, frantically searching for last-minute replacement volunteers is a thing of the past. Our intuitive software provides your organization the flexibility to regulate the number of festival participants, form wait lists for full events, and send email updates to registered workers. This provides the peace of mind that your event will always be properly staffed.

What Types of Festivals Can Use VolunteerHub?

VolunteerHub’s user-friendly, customizable platform makes managing festival volunteers a breeze. Whether you have a few volunteers or a few thousand, our software takes the guesswork out of volunteer management and ensures you have enough manpower to support your event. Use VolunteerHub to organize:

  • Ethnic festivals (Asian, Greek, Italian, etc.)
  • Community events
  • School festivals
  • Holiday festivals
  • Other events
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Learn More about Managing Festival Volunteers

Having a web-based volunteer management system in place saves your organization time and money. To learn more about the many features and benefits of using VolunteerHub for managing festival volunteers, check out one of our “Tours” pages. Or, if you have a specific question, feel free to call us at (877) 482-3340 or email us at .img.

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