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Cultural Volunteering Software

Museums love volunteers. Managing volunteers, however, can be draining without the proper tools. VolunteerHub is a web-based tool that simplifies the volunteer management process.

Museum Management Software & More

Museums, art galleries, and even zoos are just a few of the many cultural volunteering groups that count heavily on unpaid help. Having an organized system to schedule, track, and manage volunteers is crucial.

VolunteerHub automates the formerly time consuming process of volunteer management. This cloud-based platform stores all information in a centralized location online, allowing your nonprofit 24/7 access to event rosters and other important data. Since VolunteerHub is completely web-based, there is no software to install, upgrade, or maintain. Nonprofits appreciate this convenience, as it frees up additional resources that can be focused on the central mission. In today’s world of tight budgets, finding additional efficiencies is a key to prolonged success.

Nonprofit Museum Management Software

One of your top priorities is likely to attract a wide variety of workers with different skills and abilities. Regardless of your organization’s mission, the registration process for volunteers should be quick and painless for the potential participant. VolunteerHub makes registering for events simple as can be. Just post your events, and participants can instantly view your up-to-date calendar and register for the program they want to work. Our web-based platform allows for the entire registration process to be done from any computer that has an internet connection, any time of the day.

Why Software for Managing Cultural Volunteers?

Managing volunteers has never been easier with VolunteerHub’s museum software. Our flexible and customizable software is an extremely user-friendly solution for registering, organizing, and tracking volunteers. With VolunteerHub, your agency can begin managing the following types of participants:

  • Museum Volunteers
  • Art Gallery Volunteers
  • Film Festival Volunteers
  • Festival Volunteers
  • Zoo Volunteers
  • Other Cultural Volunteers

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To learn more about implementing VolunteerHub at your nonprofit, visit one of our “Tour” pages. Here you will find a more detailed explanation of how VolunteerHub can fill your needs. If you have a specific question about using VolunteerHub to manage campaigns, feel free to call us at (877) 482-3340 or email us at .img.

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