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Animal Shelter Software

Volunteers are the backbone of humane societies and pet adoption agencies. For nonprofits like animal rescue shelters, scheduling and tracking workers can be time-consuming. VolunteerHub takes care of the administrative tasks so you can focus on what matters – the animals.

Web-Based Animal Shelter Manager

Every day, hundreds of thousands of individuals join in the cause of making the world safe and humane for all living creatures. Humane societies and adoption groups across the globe count primarily on these people to carry out the day-to-day functions of their non-profits. Whether serving as animal rescue volunteers or simply cleaning kennels, all participants are essential and valuable assets to the organization. For nonprofits like animal rescue shelters, scheduling and tracking workers can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

As the number of animal shelter volunteers continues to grow, so does the administrative headache associated with managing those participants. That is why many animal rights activist groups are turning to software that can streamline managerial efforts and alleviate the stress of volunteer management. By implementing VolunteerHub at your organization, you will dramatically reduce the amount of administrative work involved in scheduling your animal volunteers. Our cloud-based platform provides instant online access 24-7, 365 days per year. Workers can view and sign up for events at the click of a mouse, thus, freeing up precious time for your team to focus on fundraising and other big picture items.

Improving Efficiency – Online Animal Shelter Software

VolunteerHub is a simple, innovative solution for animal shelter management. Our user-friendly process helps your nonprofit organize events, inform user groups, track registrations, and report on activity.  This improves efficiency and removes much of the confusion and guesswork often associated with paper-based systems. VolunteerHub allows you to monitor and restrict the number of participants expected at a particular event, helping you to improve overall program coordination. Increase event participation by empowering those interested in animal volunteer work to sign up quickly and easily, with no interaction required on your part.

Who Can Benefit From VolunteerHub?

VolunteerHub is perfect for animal rights groups of all types. Our platform was designed with the understanding that all nonprofits are unique. Therefore, VolunteerHub allows for customizable user forms where you can track the data that is most important to your organization. Animal rights initiatives across the country find our process to be a fast and effective way to organize, track, and manage animal volunteers and events. Below are a few examples of how VolunteerHub can be used by animal rights organizations.

  • Humane Society Volunteer Tracking & Management
  • PAWS Worker Tracking & Management
  • Animal Adoption Center Organizations
  • Other Rescue Missions

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We have only scratched the surface on how the VolunteerHub software can benefit your organization. Take a tour of our platform to fully understand all of VolunteerHub’s many features. In addition, feel free to contact a customer representative with any questions you may have: (877) 482-3340.

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