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Webinar Spotlight: Barcode App for VolunteerHub

What if you could automatically track volunteer hours without having to do any manual data entry?  What if your volunteer check-in process could be simplified into a single barcode scan?

Use VolunteerHub’s Barcode App to Automate Hour Tracking & Volunteer Sign-In

We recently held a webinar, spotlighting our new Barcode App.  This app is used by nonprofits to save time and reduce administrative costs.  The Barcode App works with an off-the-shelf scanner and is very easy to use.  Simply print your sign-in sheet, scan the barcode during volunteer registration and check-out, and VolunteerHub does the rest.

You may watch the entire video here:

Click Here to Watch Webinar

What Was Covered During the Webinar:

  • Issues Facing Volunteer Coordinators
  • How the Barcode App Works
  • Real World Uses for the App
  • Free Trial Offer (Limited Time Only)

If you you have additional questions about this app, please feel free to contact or 1-877-482-3340 x3 for more information.  Also, to be alerted of future webinar announcements, please subscribe to the VolunteerHub newsletter.  Please subscribe by registering here.

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About Krista Balbach

Krista Balbach is a communications manager at VolunteerHub and has worked in the nonprofit sector in various marketing and communication roles.

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