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Watch Video: Import / Export App from VolunteerHub

Earlier this month, VolunteerHub hosted several webinars to demonstrate the value of the new Import / Export App. Since the turnout was so great, we have decided to post the video transcript of the webinar.

Watch the Import / Export App Demo

Watch the demo by clicking on the video below.

What is the Import / Export App?

It’s all about convenience. How can you streamline your record keeping? Using the Import / Export App is a simple time saving tool. It allows you to quickly export data from VolunteerHub or import volunteer data from other sources. Data is imported or exported via CSV file, allowing compatibility with various other platforms (including Donor Perfect). Imagine the time you could save without having to format data for other databases. Find out more today!

About Krista Balbach

Krista Balbach is a communications manager at VolunteerHub and has worked in the nonprofit sector in various marketing and communication roles.

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