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Salesforce CRM Integration is Now Available

Over 23,000 nonprofits use Salesforce CRM to manage fundraising and constituent engagement programs. Today, we’re very excited to announce that VolunteerHub now integrates with Salesforce. This makes VolunteerHub the only vol […]

Now You Can Modify Multiple Volunteer Events at Once

Circumstances change rapidly in a nonprofit setting. The moment that you think your event schedule is finalized can often be the same moment that everything changes. Inclement weather, schedule changes, volunteer availability, […]

Encourage Volunteers to Bring Their Friends

A great way to increase event attendance is to allow volunteers to bring guests. Encouraging everyone to bring a friend or two can help your organization extend its reach, build capacity, and engage more supporters. It can also ma […]

Feature Spotlight: Recurring Volunteer Events

It’s that time again. Your organization’s annual “big event” is approaching. Do you have an uneasy feeling in your stomach? You may find it hard to believe that another year has passed. Like it or not, your event will b […]

Realize More Volunteer Conversions with Google Analytics

How many of your visitors actually register to become volunteers? VolunteerHub’s Google Analytics integration delivers the data you need to answer this question - and much more. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that monito […]

When Volunteers Can’t Self-Register

VolunteerHub empowers your volunteers through its unique self-registration process. From any web-enabled device, volunteers can browse your organization’s list of upcoming events. With a few clicks, volunteers are then able t […]

Did You Know VolunteerHub Integrates with Luminate CRM?

Manual data entry is a common, yet inefficient process for many nonprofits. Collecting, validating, and keying in data consumes a substantial amount of time that could be better spent on other tasks. To build new efficiencies w […]

3 Tips for Building Social Engagement with Volunteers

The following article was originally posted on the GuideStar Trust blog. Click here to read the original post. You know social media has become ingrained in our culture when “Facebook” is now a verb, as in “Just Facebook […]

A Tale of Two Texters

According to Pew Research, texting’s popularity increases each year. Interestingly, the highest demographic of texting growth was among adults over fifty. Of course, in terms of volume, American teens still lead the way with an […]

More Nonprofits are Managing Volunteers Online

Most nonprofits strive for efficient volunteer management processes. Doing so is a win-win situation. The resources of the organization are maximized and, at the same time, volunteers appreciate a streamlined experience. On the […]