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[Guide] Communicating with Volunteers

Struggling to keep your volunteers engaged? Before you take any drastic measures, there may be a simple solution that could make a world of difference: communication. In any good relationship, open communication is key. Fai […]

How to Use The Raiser’s Edge to Improve Engagement

Fundraising professionals have two options for increasing donations: Ask more from existing donors, or Get more donors If your organization uses The Raiser’s Edge, you already appreciate and understand the multi-faceted […]

Tablets for VolunteerHub’s Virtual Kiosk

Since launching our popular OnSite App and Virtual Kiosk feature, we've had several customers ask us about tablet compatibility. In fact, we commonly get this question: Which tablets work with VolunteerHub's Virtual Kiosk feat […]

5 Steps For Identifying a Trustworthy Tech Vendor

The following post was originally published on the GuideStar Trust blog. Just because vendors say they're trustworthy, it doesn't mean that they are. When making technology decisions for your nonprofit, it is important that you […]

[Guide] Gifts for Volunteers – What, When, and Why

Volunteer recognition goes way beyond just thanking volunteers. Rather, it should be an ongoing initiative with the purpose of engaging volunteers and making them feel like a valued part of the team. In this guide, we highl […]

Constituent Lifecycle: Why System Integration Matters

Your supporters don’t appear out of thin air. In fact, they’re cultivated. When it comes to cultivating donors, nonprofits consistently turn to Blackbaud’s suite of technology solutions. As you may have heard, we recently […]

How to Ask for Donations

Your organization relies on the generosity of others. That generosity is often shown by means of donations – whether through financial contributions or the gifting of tangible goods (such as software and technology). How can […]

[Guide] How to Engage Volunteers

Could your nonprofit achieve its mission without volunteers? For most nonprofits, the answer is “No.” With limited manpower and tight budgets, most charitable organizations depend on volunteers. Therefore, doesn’t it make se […]

The Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, & eTapestry Integration

Today we’re excited to make one of the biggest announcements in our history: VolunteerHub is now a Blackbaud Technology Partner! To achieve this distinction, we’ve been busy building best-in-class integrations between Volu […]

[Guide] How to Approach Corporate Sponsors

Corporate partnerships - how can your nonprofit get more of them? Virtually every notable for-profit organization has a philanthropic division; but, how can you create the awareness necessary to stand out and engage more spons […]