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Why We Love Volunteers and You Should Too

What motivates your organization to be innovative and achieve goals? Is it your team or maybe your donors? For many organizations it is a combination of many things that keep their organization moving forward. Volunteers are a […]

3 Tips to Use Social Media to Engage Volunteers

Have you considered using social media to engage volunteers? Do you get overwhelmed at times by the amount of content and social channels available on the internet? It is easy to journey down any number of rabbit holes wit […]

5 Ways to Cultivate Volunteers to be Brand Ambassadors

Take a second to think about your favorite brands. Would you notice them anywhere? It’s likely that you would. Brand awareness is when an individual is familiar with a specific brand. One of your greatest assets is your vol […]

5 Tools Every Nonprofit Should be Using to Save Time

Picture an excel spreadsheet with hundreds of volunteer names.  Your organization may use this list to communicate, schedule, and manage your volunteers. This effort may take hours and consume time that could be better used f […]

VolunteerHub is Excited to Announce Integration with Trak-1

VolunteerHub is excited to announce that we now have complete integration with our background screening partner, Trak-1. We have joined forces to create a background screening process tailored for nonprofit organizations. V […]

4 Ways to Inspire Volunteers to Be a Part of Your Mission

Think back to the first time you volunteered to help a nonprofit. Were you inspired to make a difference? Did you feel as though you were a part of a team working towards a greater cause? April 10th marks the beginning of t […]

NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference Recap

Did you miss the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose? If so, not to worry we have a recap. The week was filled with insightful content and networking opportunities. NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference was a great plat […]

Join us at NTEN’s 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference

VolunteerHub is excited to announce our participation at the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose, California. The conference kicks off Wednesday March 23rd and runs thru Friday March 25th. NTEN’s Nonprofit Tec […]

Software for Managing Volunteers: Then & Now

What would your daily workload be like if today’s technology had never been created? Software has come a long way in the past two decades. At VolunteerHub, we’re proud to be the leader in this field. With over 5 billion vol […]

4 Tips for Cultivating Corporate Volunteers

The following post was originally published on the GuideStar Trust blog. As corporate citizenship continues to grow in popularity, an increasing number of employee volunteer programs (EVPs) are appearing. In an attempt to bette […]