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4 Ways Communication Increases Volunteer Retention

Communication allows you to better connect with the world around you.  It allows you to build relationships with the people you value the most. The nonprofit world is built on relationships and communities. Strengthening rela […]

7 Elements to a Successful Volunteer Training Program

Your organization spends countless hours recruiting and engaging new volunteers. But what happens after they express interest and are ready to give your nonprofit some of their free time? You need to build an effective trainin […]

How to Find the Right Volunteers for Your Nonprofit

What nonprofit doesn’t want more volunteers and supporters? Focusing on your recruiting efforts alone could potentially leave you with a lot of volunteers that may not be a right fit for your organization. Inspiring voluntee […]

Realize More ROI in 2017

Have you set your 2017 goals? The new year is approaching, which means it is time to plan and make your nonprofit’s goals happen. Each year your team works hard to maximize your return on investment (ROI) and help grow your […]

Increase Volunteer Retention with Rewards and Recognition

Doesn’t everyone like a little competition? The feeling of accomplishment is invaluable. Adding rewards and recognition to your volunteer management program can create a sense of accomplishment for your volunteers and increa […]

Turning Passion into Action on #GivingTuesday

November 28th marked the 5th annual #GivingTuesday. Nonprofits from around the world promoted this special day of giving. Blackbaud created a special campaign that was broadcast in Times Square on the Nasdaq tower. Blackbaud p […]

A Personal Touch Amplifies Lasting Relationships

Special Olympics Missouri is passionate about bringing better fitness, nutrition, and healthier lifestyles to everyone involved with their organization. Nationwide Special Olympics is one of the largest sports organizations, with […]

Want to Engage Social Circles with Your Nonprofit?

Encouraging your volunteers to bring their friends and family creates a stronger sense of community. Volunteers are more likely to continue to give their time to your organization if they can include people they love. In a wor […]

3 Ways to Stand Out During Giving Tuesday

'Tis the season for giving! Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. With thousands of nonprofits vying for your supporters' contributions, how can your organization stand out? Taking the time to create relationships and eng […]

Add Gamification to Your Volunteer Recognition Program

There is a competitor in each and every one of us. A healthy dose of competition can be applied to almost every aspect of your life. How about adding a little competition and incentive to volunteering? VolunteerHub has created […]