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How to Retain Volunteers by Making Their Lives Easier

Want to retain volunteers by making their lives easier? Volunteer retention is a major part of the nonprofit community. Organizations want to know how and why volunteers continue to give to their missions. There are many reaso […]

VolunteerHub Named Blackbaud’s 2016 Technology Partner of the Year

Carr Engineering, Inc. is excited to announce that VolunteerHub has been named Blackbaud’s 2016 Technology Partner of the Year. “We are truly honored to be recognized by Blackbaud as their 2016 Technology Partner of the […]

4 Ways to Encourage Families to Volunteer

You may already know that volunteerism has many benefits. Volunteers share their skills, creativity, knowledge, passion, and so much more. With their hard work and dedication, they are giving more than just their time. Volunte […]

How to Prepare Volunteers for the Transition to Volunteer Management Software

Now that you have made the decision to switch from manual data entry to a volunteer management system it is time to prepare your volunteers. Change can produce growing pains for your organization, but the key is to remember ho […]

6 Strategies to Engage Volunteers on the Go

It’s one thing to be able to engage with your organization’s volunteers when you have them right in front of you. They’re attentive, present, and ready to get involved while they’re participating in your latest volunt […]

4 Ways Leadership Can Strengthen Corporate Sponsorships

An outstanding leadership team can produce unlimited results for your organization. Leaders are often admired for their hard work, passion, creativity, and dedication. They can add great value to any organization. One way they […]

Texas Nonprofit Doubles Magical Moments with the Help of VolunteerHub

In North Texas, an organization is changing the way birthday parties are celebrated for children without a place to call home. They are creating lasting memories that have impacted the lives of 19,000 children. By partnering w […]

Marketing Volunteer Grants to Your Supporters: 8 Top Tips

Your organization probably couldn’t survive without a base of dedicated volunteers. They work tirelessly to help your nonprofit during projects and events and serve the communities, people, and animals that they feel pass […]

The Value Background Screening Adds to Nonprofits

Volunteers can help you expand your reach and share your organization’s mission. Having a large amount of volunteers is valuable, however, the quality of those volunteers is just as important. When background screening is […]

How to Show Volunteers You Appreciate Their Time

Time is one of your most valuable assets. It is important to donate your time to the things you are passionate about. In the nonprofit sector, volunteers give their treasured time because they are passionate about a cause. Not […]