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How to Attract Volunteers to Your Organization

Recruiting the right volunteers for your nonprofit organization can be a key to long-term success. Engaged and committed volunteers share your organization’s message in the community, encourage others to volunteer, and help you […]

VolunteerHub’s Big Impact on a New Hampshire Nonprofit

“VolunteerHub has simplified every aspect of volunteer management. Now, when people want to volunteer, they just go to our website. With one click, a volunteer can see all of the upcoming opportunities, register for an event […]

Volunteer Hours Log: Manual vs. Automated

Maintaining an accurate log of volunteer hours can be time-consuming. Doing so can also require significant administrative resources if done manually, which probably explains why nonprofits tend to put this activity on the back […]

Easily Share Documents with Volunteers

Event-focused nonprofits will always have a need to share documents with volunteers. From youth liability waivers to promotional materials, your organization may have dozens or even hundreds of volunteer-related documents to manag […]

Set Up & Promote an Event in 5 Minutes (With VolunteerHub)

Need to quickly promote a volunteer event? VolunteerHub can help you get the word out fast. How fast? Simple events can be published on VolunteerHub within five minutes. Let’s take a closer look at how this is possible. […]

Attract More Volunteers by Making Your Events “Shareable”

Does your organization host big events that require special promotion? Do you wish that you could create more buzz on social media? In cases like these, simply adding a tab, button, or link on your website doesn’t cut it. The […]

5 Ways Your Volunteers Can Help with Fundraising (Without Asking for Money)

Your nonprofit’s volunteers are a great resource for your organization. But, did you know that they can also be a great asset to your fundraising program? Many nonprofits worry about getting volunteers involved with devel […]

Evolve Your Engagement Strategy & Convert More Volunteers to Donors

What is your organization’s end goal? A nonprofit, if asked this question, would likely say that the primary aim is to maximize the impact on those it serves. Although this can be summed up in one succinct sentence, accomplis […]

Salesforce CRM Integration is Now Available

Over 23,000 nonprofits use Salesforce CRM to manage fundraising and constituent engagement programs. Today, we’re very excited to announce that VolunteerHub now integrates with Salesforce. This makes VolunteerHub the only vol […]

Now You Can Modify Multiple Volunteer Events at Once

Circumstances change rapidly in a nonprofit setting. The moment that you think your event schedule is finalized can often be the same moment that everything changes. Inclement weather, schedule changes, volunteer availability, […]